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Under the Hill

Hey there. This is a personal blog I run to keep by friends and family updated. If you want access to the password protected posts, all you have to do is ask.


18 Months Later, I Finally see the Aurora

Their playful dancing across the sky brought back many memories from my time in Fairbanks. I got out and just stood for about 30 seconds to soak it all in before pulling out my camera. As a good friend of mine one said, “some things in life just need to be appreciated”. 

The Blog’s Not Dead…

I have 2-3 drafts in the queue, I promise. I’m just waiting on the film and the downtime to post the full stories.

Happy Birthday, Grandpa

97 years ago a baby boy was born.A boy who would beat polio in the midst of the great depression.A young man who would answer the call of the nation.A young man who would cheat his way into the branch he wanted but finagle his way back to the branch he belonged.A young man whoContinue reading “Happy Birthday, Grandpa”

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